Gastronomic manifesto

​Aloë is a restaurant that we founded upon emotions, contrasts, traditions and personality. After operating this restaurant for four years and also being honored our first Michelin star we felt that we were heading in a direction were we neither wanted or intended to go. Pretty soon after this, during the spring of 2018 we decided to put our foot down and start from the beginning  to find ourselves again.


What we want with this reopening is to reclaim what gastronomy means to us and what it once was, namely joy and warmth, community, generosity and tradition.

An evening at Aloë should be more than perfectly executed dishes, service and drinks, but also filled with engaging encounters. 

We want to create a festive atmosphere and have chosen to take a new turn in the first meeting with our guests and during the dinner experience.

When it comes to our gastronomy you will still recognize our DNA, what we call

”Including, contemporary, romantic gastronomy”

We do not want to limit ourselves in our curiosity for other cultures, cuisines and ethnicities.
We want to be a reflection of todays society.

- Daniel & Niclas

The reservations for October, November & December are now available.

We feel that gastronomy should be experienced together and this will permeate your experience with us.

We offer one set menu to all of our guests. It may be accompanied by a wine pairing, our non alcoholic pairing or your selection from our wine list.

Menu 2100 SEK

Wine pairing 1700 SEK

Non alcoholic experience 850 SEK

We look forward to seeing you!

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